Today is a day to do the things I said I'd do after that last meeting and then forgot about. Now I've got to scramble to get it together and take another bite out of that big old humble pie.

Today is Tuesday, but I had a moment of panic thinking it was Wednesday and that I had forgotten the field trip, forgotten the lunches, the t-shirts when sending the kids out the door. It's Tuesday. I had time to pack the food, find the gear. It's always a close call.

I'm gonna leave the dishes and a go  on a run. I'm going to pass the wetland preserve along the way and hope those beautiful Great Egrets that I've seen over the past few days are still there. They don't stick around too long.

On Thursday I'll drive to Iowa City for the FARM (midwest Folk Alliance) so I can see friends, play music, make new friends and see Greg Brown. I can't wait. Actually, I could wait. I have nothing ready. This time last year I was trying to do all my homework so I had things to give to people to try and get gigs. This year I'm going to pray and smile and hope that works just as well.

Today is the perfect day to remember what I have instead of what I lack. Today is a perfect day to believe we dwell in a state of abundance instead of a state of scarcity. We have what we need. I'm going to give thanks for the boys, the cluttered house, the husband, the things I forgot but then remembered, the chance to run on a dirt road and listen to Nebraska wind blow. Today I'm going to think about how life is better than fine just like this and, if my ship never comes in (I'm landlocked), then so be it. This place is awesome.