Hope Dunbar sings straight from the heart.
— Darryl Purpose, singer/songwriter at www.darrylpurpose.com

Upcoming Dates

Unless otherwise noted, these are solo dates. Star Belle is my Ukulele Band and The Mrs. Dunbars is my duo with Emily Dunbar.

October 7- Modella Art Gallery in the round with Rigby Summer, K.C. Clifford and Mary Bragg 7:30pm $10 suggested Stillwater, OK

October 18- Sarah Morris Seward Songwriter Series, 7pm $10

November 5- Commodore Grill, Nashville, TN 7:30pm ITR

November 16- Chad Elliott Seward Songwriter Series, 7pm $10

November 21- Kyshona, Seward Songwriter Series, 7pm $10

November 30- Olde Glory Open House

December 14- Folk Stage, Chicago, IL

Upcoming 2020 dates:

Feb. 8- House Concert Norton, KS

Feb. 22- Bob Hillman, Seward Songwriter Series, 7pm $10

Feb. 23- House Concert, Kansas City w/ Bob Hillman

March 2020- Germany and Netherlands tour with Katie Dahl pending

April 25- Mare Wakefield and Nomad Seward Songwriter Series, 7pm, $10


Previous venues played: Knucklehead’s Gospel Lounge, Kansas City, Bluebird Cafe Nashville, TN,  Swallow Hill Music, Denver, CO, Avogadros Number, Fort Collins, CO, The Warming House, Minneapolis, MN, Uncle Calvin’s Dallas, TX, The Bitter End, NY, NY and so. many. more. places.