Hope DUNbar

And Hope Dunbar, from little Utica, Nebraska, caught me off guard with some incredible language and truth telling, including the mystical, “We Want.” It’s these kind of surprises in the after-midnight hours when the endorphins of music ecstacy meet the endorphins of fatigue, that make Folk Alliance special.”
— Craig Havighurst, The Bluegrass Situation
Call it an album of routines and shattered dreams. Call it a small masterpiece.”
— From Off-centerviews.blogspot.com's review of "Three Black Crows"
I'm pleased to be playing these great private showcase rooms during the FAI conference in Kansas City. I do hope you can make it to one of them!

I'm pleased to be playing these great private showcase rooms during the FAI conference in Kansas City. I do hope you can make it to one of them!

January 30- For now we're gearing up for Folk Alliance International where I'm planning on being the break out star in the 35-44 year old category. Thanks to Music Street Journal for a very gratious review of "Three Black Crows" that you can listen to here: http://www.musicstreetjournal.com/index_cdreviews_display.cfm?id=106173

You can read this awesome review from Off Centerviews Blog herehttps://off-centerviews.blogspot.com/2017/11/hope-dunbar-neil-nathan-molly-madigan.html

11/27/17 Thanks to Joltin' Joe from Radio Nowhere for airing a great interview we did together about Three Black Crows!

You can listen here: https://www.mixcloud.com/joltinjoe/radio-nowhere-interview-with-hope-dunbar-112617/

11/13/17 Thanks Bob McWilliams at Kansas Public Radio

for naming "Three Black Crows" as a top ten album for the week of Nov. 13 and for the week of Nov. 20!

Review of "Three Black Crows" by axs.com https://www.axs.com/hope-dunbar-tells-starkly-vivid-stories-on-three-black-crows-123960

This is an album filled with vivid stories not unlike the ones you’ll find on Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska. If you are a fan of the craft of songwriting, this is definitely an album you should check out.
— Gary Schwind, AXS.com

January 2018- HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

New shows announced! Getting ready for Folk Alliance International and thankful for some great radio airplay for "Three Black Crows" to finish out 2017. Check out my "Live" page to see where I'm playing and drop me a line to let me know what you think of the record or ask me to play for you. I'll totally do it.

October 6th is CD release day! You can get it on bandcamp or CDbaby and hopefully it'll be showing up on streaming services soon soon soon!!! 



October 3, 2017

I've just returned from the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance in Austin where I met so many cool people and heard such great music! Wow! Now I'm back home and counting down the days until "Three Black Crows" gets released on Friday. My music pages contains a link to ordering your very own signed copy of the record. Thanks!

September 25, 2017

The premier of "Better than Ever" with Grammy nominated artist, Darrell Scott


September 19, 2017

Check out this new premier of "Three Black Crows" from Mother Church Pew


AUGUST 30, 2017

The album has shipped and should be arriving at my door before the end of the week. I'm excited to get it out into the world. It feels great to be coming to the end of this chapter and starting in on a new one. Thanks, Everybody.

May 22, 2017

Today I launched my Kickstarter Campaign for my upcoming album, Three Black Crows. You'd think I'd know how to embed the link here, but attempts have been unsucessful. I'm asking alot, but I'd love it if you'd copy and paste this into your address bar to find out more. Love, Hope. 



January 2017

The new year is off to a busy start and I am excited to hit the road and sing songs for you all. The album is becoming a reality this year. You heard it here first. Stay tuned for updates on this new project and how you can be a part of it. Let's make this a good one, everybody!

December 2016

Congratulations, Hope! 2nd place winner of the American Songwriter Magazine Lyric Contest for the January/February publication

for her song, "We Want."

It's the first day of December and the cold is setting in here on the plaines. Our neighbors decorated their house really nicely. Our house is not decorated. I quit my day job a week ago in an effort to give more of my attention to the real work at hand. I'd love to come play for you so contact me and we'll make it happen. For now it's all music all the time and I am looking forward to ringing in a new year with lots of new goals and plans.


June 2016: I've got a new single for sale on CD Baby. Copy the link: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/hopedunbar12 and get your's today! Thanks!

Hi! Thanks for visiting my website! This is where the music is, the blog, the feelings and the calendar for when and where I'm playing. Would you like me to sing in your neighborhood? Send me an email. Let's talk. 2016 is going to be a great year. I am looking forward to writing lots of new song, meeting new friends finding out what's around the next corner.