Hope DUNbar

And Hope Dunbar, from little Utica, Nebraska, caught me off guard with some incredible language and truth telling, including the mystical, “We Want.” It’s these kind of surprises in the after-midnight hours when the endorphins of music ecstacy meet the endorphins of fatigue, that make Folk Alliance special.”
— Craig Havighurst, The Bluegrass Situation
Call it an album of routines and shattered dreams. Call it a small masterpiece.”
— From Off-centerviews.blogspot.com's review of "Three Black Crows"

Hey GOOD NEWS! Hope Dunbar was selected as a Kerrville New Folk Finalist for 2018!!!! That's real good news. 

Star Belle Ukulele Band is gearing up for their summer season so if you've got a party or festival looking for some fun, harmonies and ukuleles, let us know!


Looking to book: URGENT: Southern California, 2018

Chicago to New York October,2018

This is an album filled with vivid stories not unlike the ones you’ll find on Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska. If you are a fan of the craft of songwriting, this is definitely an album you should check out.
— Gary Schwind, AXS.com