Star Belle Ukulele Band works in the summer, takes a break, then works again around the holidays and then rehearses in the spring time to get ready again for the next summer. We started out as friends hanging out while our little ones played on the floor, then we took our cover tunes and played them in the beer garden of the BBQ joint where I waitress. Fast forward six years and we played our last show with Jessica. She's stepping away from the band to focus on school and family and we are so happy to cheer her on in her future pursuits, but we'll miss her too.

Last night we played our last summer show before going on break for a few weeks. The next time we play we'll be three people instead of four. Last night the good Lord smiled on us and blessed with the most beautiful summer night in Nebraska. I'm just sorry our families weren't there to share it with us. They would have been just as enchanted as we were.

Star Belle has kids, she's got a job, she doesn't go far from home. She plays in Nebraska mostly. Star Belle gets into the newspaper and the Nebraska Life magazine. Star Belle just does her thing and has a good time. Star Belle is about the music and the friendship and she's all about the making magic. The hardest thing she has to deal with is scheduling because we've all got lots of stuff going on. I am so thankful for this band and what it has given me.

Hope Dunbar, the solo artist, is always worrying. She's always wanting more than she has and coming up short. She can make music a real drag sometimes. But Star Belle is pure joy and fun and respite and relief. Star Belle Band reminds me what the most important parts of the journey are when I get off track.

Last night was glorious. We played a great set to a great crowd with a rodeo in the background. We went to the beer garden afterward and toasted a great night with Bud Lights. Emily line danced and then we ate super nachos at a picnic table in the dark while the magician on stage finished up his show. We drove home 2 hours and talked like we always do. Then we unloaded gear from my car, loaded it into the other cars, hugged one another, looked up at the stars and said goodnight. It was a good night.

The life I love is making music with my friends. For sure.