A prayer journal. I've had one before. I remember making them in junior high and high school at various retreats or VBS or Sunday School classes. I got a new one last weekend. It's a good way to remember who needs prayer. It's a good way to "pray without ceasing." On Wednesday we were talking about how we're losing more battles than we're winning. I wonder if that's just a feeling that comes and goes or whether that's typically the case. It's hard to measure success in every day life. Are my kids doing OK? Did I make the right choice now that will help make the future better, help me stretch more, grow closer in my relationships, become the person I could be? Or did I just maintain the same straight line? Did I make a choice to my detriment and those around me where I'll eventually have to retrace my steps? Who knows? The prayer journal is a good way to combat the Facebook Highlight reel illusion that helps us not at all. Everyone's going through something. Everyone's showing up to this life every day and giving it a go. The prayer journal is a great way to remember that and respond to my neighbor with mercy and love.  I'm glad I have one again. 

Springsteen. The book. I've heard the interviews, read the reviews and now Emily lent me her copy so I can read it. I haven't cracked it open yet because I'm afraid. Just like I'm afraid to listen to Lori McKenna albums. I fear listening will crack me open too much. And nobody wants that. Springsteen makes me cry because his dedication to truth and honesty is so unwavering. That guy's doing it for all the right reasons and thank God for that. Will the book gut me? Probably not. I know. I'm way over dramatic. Also, I'm really excited to read it. Because I love him.

A three day weekend and I've got no gigs and all five of us are together today. A rare occurrence. They predict spring-like temps. We shall go outside. We shall shop for a wedding gift, we shall savor the time we're given before it's gone. I leave next Wednesday for Kansas City. Come Sunday it's band practice and going to a show. The time is now. The weekend is here. I am so thankful we have today. Now let's have some bacon (I can't eat it but I can smell it).