Hailing from Utica, NE, Hope sings loud and proud about real human issues and real light hearted fun. She dispels any claim that intelligence and creativity are unique to large urban centers.
— Houston Music Review, com
The bent structures, the instrumentation, the melodic twists and turns —the music is familiar but not quite, which keeps it interesting and makes it quite refreshing.
— Tracy Grammer, singer/songwriter

Check out this recent feature on TheBoot.Com's Guest Room Sessions where I joined fellow Nebraska songwriter, Mike Semrad, on a cover of Amanda Shire's "Pale Fire."

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Three Black Crows Album Credits

All songs written and performed by Hope Dunbar// Produced by Emily White// Engineered by Bruce Roper at Little School Street Studio, Chicago, IL// Mixed by Rachael Moore at Sound Emporium, Nashville, TN// Mastered by Yes Master Nashville, TN// Melissa Bach- Cello// Hope Dunbar- Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele// Jon Estes- Pedal Steel// Josh Lava- Percussion// Charles Murphy- Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals// Darrell Scott- Backing vocals on "Better than Ever"// Chris Walz- Mandolin// Emily White- Percussion// Sue Fink, Heather Styka, Emily White and Allen Rein- Backing vocals


This is an extended clip of my recent set at Crescent Moon Coffee in Lincoln, NE. I sang for friends who gathered that day. It was beautiful. Thanks to Rex Walton for capturing it.


Live at The Lark in Hastings, NE