The list. Because once I look at it I will know how many things I've neglected to do in the last five hours.

The music. I want to enter this songwriting contest but I can't decide on the songs. I figure I definitely won't get in if I choose the right material. I don't trust my gut instinct so I'm a little frozen right now.

The future. You'd think it were really dark and gloomy outside with a howling wind. It's actually really beautiful. I just walked over to pick my kids up from school.

The telephone. I have a really hard time picking up the ringing phone. I am convinced it is bad news every time I hear it.

All the things I'm doing wrong that I haven't picked up on yet. Like the stuff that I'm doing that is harmful but that it doesn't even register as bad in my brain. I know I'm doing something wrong and I don't even know what it is. If you can't identify it then you can't fix it. Super scary.

Scary movies. I can't take blood and guts and creepy basement stairwells. No way.

Split ends. What if all my hair falls off?  Like the split end just keeps on splitting until my hair disintegrates into nothing. Frightening.

Roller coasters. Deal breaker.

Snakes. Don't even get me started.

Things I'm not scared of: disease, the devil, not speaking the language, feeling powerless or helpless, bizarre food, dying, talking to strangers, owning up to my mistakes, dogs that bark, soggy cereal, looking like a fool, and feelings. 

It's a balancing act, right? Everyone's list is different. Everyone's fighting their own fears in different ways. Be gentle, be a helper, risk your own comfort by reaching out to someone else.