I'm off on Tuesdays. Today I'm driving to Kansas City to go see the Dixie Chicks with Emily. We got tickets from my friends, Zack and Caitlin. We're meeting up around 2pm and driving down there. 

The hard part is that we have to drive home after the show tonight. We have steeled ourselves for the pain that tomorrow will bring. It's totally worth it. The Chicks are back and we should be there. Our friends are the opening act and getting to see them on that stage is going to be so cool! They once played the beer garden of the cafe where I work so I knew them when... 

We're bringing the rough cuts from our latest studio sessions to listen to in the car while we drive and talk production, we're bringing money and a change of clothes so we're comfortable driving through the night. We've already talked about what it's going to be like to meet the Chicks (we let our imaginations run wild on a regular basis). 

I spent most of the past weekend reupholstering a chair in my living room. I did it with a needle and thread and fabric I bought at the second hand shop. It was such a great project. I loved sitting and working the needle and slowly seeing the pieces come together. The work was helped along by "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell", a new series on Netflix. I recommend it.

I also played two gigs this weekend. One was a house concert at a B&B and the other was a private family party. The house concert was a gathering of new friends and old friends in a beautiful space I had never seen before. We had a great time. The family party was held at a local restaurant's private dining room and I was so touched that I was invited to join in the love of family coming together to celebrate. I was truly honored. The best part was that both shows were close to home so I was back for bedtimes and I was there for breakfast with the boys.  

And then there's the song. I thought it was done and then I sang it and it didn't land where it should have. I'm thinking about it and thinking about it. I haven't had one lately that's required some real puzzling and pondering. It's good work, but it might take me a while. It's one of those cage match situations where all the lyrics go in and the best ones come crawling out bloody and crying (but they won so that's good).

For now I'll return my books to the library, do the breakfast duty, fold the laundry and go see the Dixie Chicks.  

We will live here. That's why it's messy. 

We will live here. That's why it's messy. 

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