Tomorrow I got to Texas. I've never been there before. I'm going to a place I've never been, to a festival I've never been. They say it's big. They say it's important and special and once you get there you are hooked. Soon I will find out for myself what it is like.

As I sit on this couch I'm a little stressed out, I'm a little scared, I have lots to do and the clock is ticking ticking ticking. It wags its finger at me one second at a time saying, "You know you should be doing the laundry and packing your clothes and practicing your songs and writing down the directions and and and and and..." I see the list in my mind and my fear grows.

In 20 minutes I'm going to my kids school for closing chapel. The summer starts today. The boys will be home and the great summer adventure will begin. In 20 minutes I'll remember that I'm leaving my little guys for a few days and what kind of mom does that? The mountain of worry gets bigger and bigger til its the size of Texas.

I'm going to Texas tomorrow. I've built my own Texas-sized wall of anxiety today. The only way I'll get to Texas tomorrow is if I smash through the fortress of fear I've made. Who says things are too hard to handle? Who says that the trophy can't be mine? Who says that mountain can never be scaled? What if I did it one step at a time? What if I rose from the couch like a warrior rising to battle her foe? The foe is of my own making so its by my own hand she'll be forced to go back where she came from, back and out of my way. I'm fighting because sometimes you have to, I'm getting ready for Texas today.