The weekend. We had church on Wednesday evening and drove up to camp from there. The car was PACKED and we wanted to get out of town before the freezing rain and snow predicted. 

We did.

We spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning playing games like Anomia (fun!), Rummy Royal, Trumpet, Blackjack, The game of things, Apples to Apples, and Euchre. We completed two 500 piece puzzles, the kids played football in the great room, we slept in sleeping bags on bunk beds and took walks in the freezing cold. I read through my Christmas program to willing listeners and Emily wrote a fantastic song. I spent two and a half days thinking about my song without making much progress.  It was a very happy Thanksgiving.

The woman. I am not making much headway on this song because I can't seem to understand this character. I know that one songwriter said that once he knows the character the song comes pretty easily. It is not coming easily for me. I don't know if I can salvage what I have or whether I have to start all over. I am not giving up, but I am in the weeds and it's horrible.

I reached out to my Facebook friends (thanks, Social Media!) for advice. I got great tips.  I got up early this morning and started writing and writing in hopes of finding a way in. I can do this.

The wishes. In no particular order: to go to Nashville, to make an album of new songs, to make an album for my church music catalog, to be thinner without trying, to be more thoughtful and thankful, to spend more time in the quiet so I can listen to what's out there, to see Bruce Springsteen in concert, to play more music, to drive some place warm in the winter time, to sing harmony with Darrell Scott, to read those book recommendations my dad sends me, to spend more time in the word, to have brownie mix on hand for those times when I don't give a flip if I'm thin or not, to get the guts up to book more gigs, to make the most of the right now.

To you, wherever you're at, keep doing what you're doing. Or, alternatively, if doing what you're doing is really getting you down, be creative with how you rebel against the drudge. Even when we have to do work we don't like, that drudge does not win out over you. Be bold. Make the brownies (what time should I be there?).