How many of us are always thinking about the chess pieces of life's every day and how we will play them? Are we tied to our planners and calendars and the dates we've carved out for family vacations, baseball season, weeks at summer camp and that wedding out in Chicago?

Life seems to move so fast that we have to get our dates blocked off, our plan of attack ready and then we get on with the thing and count the days between thing number one and thing number two. We live it all the time. We get a snow day, we have to reschedule, we move and negotiate and make the big things happen. I suppose that's what grown up life is about. As a child I had no idea how much of a choreographed dance it all was.


But I venture to guess that behind the dates and behind the weeks all in a row, we've got secret things we do not dare write in pen for everyone to see. Maybe we'll try that 5k but for fear of getting swayed we keep it to ourselves. Maybe those classes we've circled in the community college catalog could be something we finally register for, perhaps we start looking for a new professional opportunity while hanging on to our old one. This might just be the year we fly out to see our folks for the weekend just because. I think we all harbor untold plans and dreams that don't make the page. 

This year I've got lots of my calendar, but this year I've taken the risk and started putting in pen what I've been wanting for  a long time. I want more gigs, more dates, more music in my life. It's high time I go ahead and admit that this is what I want my life to look like and now begins the tricky balancing act of family, community, job and dreams and trying to make it fit. I can't get it all done, but I can start molding the clay until it resembles the thing it was always meant to be. 

Timing is tricky. The weeks dictate where we're going. What if we dared the days and declared timing to be perfect even if it weren't?