Status: Still here.

The rundown: rehearsal, work, kids, laundry, Jesus, failure, recovery

The specifics:

Last night my band, Star Belle, played a show in my hometown. 75 people came to the show. We debuted as a four person band and we raised money to support Camp Luther of Nebraska. It was awesome. Lisa commented that is was cool to look across the stage and see lovely women singing their hearts out. I would agree. I loved looking to my left and right and seeing my best friends making music and making it happen. It was a great night. The last time we played on that stage was before Lisa moved away. It was an appropriate homecoming for her first show back that we be on that stage once again.

Work. Six days last week, six days this week. It makes for a life where there's little down time to get stuff done like all that stuff I was spouting about goals and stuff...

Kids. They're rocking the elementary school, riding their bikes to the grocery store for snack, building Lego creations in the basement, playing Battleship in the living room, leaving half folded piles of laundry where folded piles should be. They're playing football out in the yard with the neighbor kids and making us laugh.

Jesus. I think about him. I think about failure. I think about forgiveness. I think about the limits we put on love, the limits we put on everything. Jesus ain't into limits. That's not his thing. 

Recovery. I can spiral deep deep down down into the subfloor ground. The good news is that I can tell when it's happening and I can tell that it's not real. Recovery, for me, means getting out of the chains that my own thoughts can put upon me and recover by getting outside myself. Recovery is work, band practice, kids, laundry, and Jesus. That's the status report.