The funeral. Go to the funeral. This is advice I would like to pass along. Yesterday I sang for the funeral of a man who I only knew through CDs he would pass on to me through my husband who visited him in the hospital and at his home. We shared a love of music and his family asked if I would sing for his funeral. Al was a big Bob Dylan fan and he loved the Christian albums Dylan made. I sang "Pressing On." It was a cool song to sing for someone in heaven. 

Don't worry how well you knew the person, don't worry about whether your heart tells you to stay away because funerals are hard. Go to the funeral and be a witness to the goodbye. It's important and it's a part of this life that shouldn't be marginalized. 

I've got lots of music on my plate right now and I love it that way. I love all the different work and gigs and song assignments. Presently I have one song that is yet to be written that should be finished in the next 5-10 days. I've got one verse.  I should get on that.

Tomorrow is Easter. We are going to my sister in law's house to celebrate and I've decided to bring a Pink Fluff Salad. You see, I grew up in California and, in that place, I never learned how wide an interpretation the word "salad" had. Growing up the word "salad" referred to green,red and orange, sometimes purple raw vegetable type things in a bowl possibly with croutons sprinkled on top. I had no idea that salad was living a completely different existence with completely different ingredients elsewhere in the world. Now, 25 years later, I know that the word salad can refer to pretty much anything mixed together in a bowl provided it's cold. So this year, in honor of salad's liberation and because I love Cool Whip, I am making a salad whose ingredients include crushed pineapple, cool Whip, raspberry jello, mini marshmallows, and cherry pie filling. Sound gross? Whatever. You would eat it so fast. It's pink, it's glorious, it's a great way to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. He is risen indeed!!!