The wind is howling outside. It's still dark but not for long. It's Monday morning, the house is still quiet, but not for long. I should be looking at the calendar and getting my head in the game, but instead I'm listening to the quiet and the tack tack tack of the keyboard keys.

Did you hear the Prairie Home Companion episode this weekend? It was incredible! Chris Thile, The Punch Brothers, Sarah Jarosz, Andrew Byrd, and Paul Simon. The music, needless to say, was insane.  And then Maria Bamford was the "storyteller" and I was rolling on the floor with laughter and horror. She's uncomfortably truthful and hilarious. Not like Ricky Gervais type of uncomfortable, but rather a darker side of life type of uncomfortable. Amazing. Fearless and I loved it. You should go to the archives and listen. It was beautiful.

I grew up with A Prairie Home Companion. I've been listening for most of my life. I miss Garrison not being there every week to help us all feel OK, but it's changing and it's changing in  a good way. I love it.

There's a lot to do and I wish I had more time for songwriting and playing guitar, getting my stuff together for Folk Alliance next week, but the Cub Scouts, the Chime Choir, the work, the boys, the Parent/Teacher conferences, the dessert making and all the other stuff are higher up on the list. The Folk Star life is mostly just a life life. Which, for folk music, is actually a really good thing. 

But I gotta make those postcards for my showcases. I just have to.