The seniors at our local high school graduate tomorrow. In this neck of the woods the graduates and their families host open houses. Instead of a pub crawl, it's a cake crawl. You gotta pace yourself or you (and I mean ME) will O.D. on cake and cheesy potatoes by the second party and that just can't happen.  Tonight I have two receptions to go to before my gig in Seward.  Tomorrow I have seven. It is a happy time, it's a changing time.  I will bring cards with cash in them. I wish I had something more sentimental, but they can use the money for snacks. Snacks are important.

Today is my last day at the cafe until the fall. I decided to take myself off the schedule since I'll be gone so much this summer. Next week Texas, then a week later Spain, then two weeks later Germany and then two weeks later Lyons. Crazy. I know. I don't know what my songwriting will be without all that sweeping and cleaning and silverware rolling. I spend lots of time working on songs while I am keeping the dining room tidy. I suppose that means I need to put in more housework at my actual house for creativity's sake.

The beginning of new things. Like the graduates who don't know exactly how the story will play out, neither do we. Sometimes I get so caught up in routine that I forget that I really have no idea what will happen tomorrow. Just because I've been walking along steadily doesn't mean that life will agree with me all the time. I don't find that a scary thought, I find that to be an exciting one! The not knowing and the stepping out have brought on the most wonderful things and I am thankful for the unknown and I am thankful for the presence of the Lord who knows exactly what's going to happen even when I don't.

The beginning is happening all the time. Don't let the end fog up your vision and make you think that every moment, every dawn, every breath brings the hope of something new. It's right there. We just can't see it sometimes.