Today's blog is dedicated to the birth and development of my most recent song. I would like to share with you version one and version two. You  are welcome to give your feedback as to which version you prefer.

So here it is. I was noodling on my guitar after Lenten service on Wednesday while my family did homework/ wrestled on the living room in front of me. I came up with a lick and tried improvising some lyrics. I liked the first couple of lines that came out of my mouth.

I picked up the guitar again on Thursday afternoon after work and came up with a few verses and then, this morning, I finally tackled the song and finished a first draft. I was really wanted to finish this song because I don't have one in my catalog that sounds like this. So here's version one.

OK. So I liked it. I wanted to tackle this idea of coming to terms with love that the protagonist isn't giving or wanting, but rather having a hard time receiving. I think that that's a thing.

I went to work and was preoccupied by the idea that the song was good, but not great. What was I missing? Why wasn't it hitting where it needed? Well, the songwriter secret to attempting to solve the problem is CHANGE THE VOICE. Which is what I did. 

Instead of talking about the first person, it's better if she's either talking to someone or talking to herself in the mirror. I swept the restaurant floor and wrote the edits in my head and then I came home and put down this version.

The enemy of a great song isn't a bad song, it's a good song. Don't settle. Is this song done? Maybe. I need a little time for it to simmer in its juices, but most of all, I don't want to get close enough, I want to get spot on. I think this version is closer.