Have I shopped at all? I have three things total. Shopping is on my To Do List. My To Do List is in my "Pending" pile. My "Pending" pile is underneath the laundry pile, the laundry pile is just gonna have to wait. If that makes any sense.

The Christmas crunch, thankfully, is singing and ringing and spreading good cheer for sure. I am directing the choir for next week's Advent service (Prayers appreciated), the chime choir for next week's service and am playing in the strings ensemble. My friend, Josh, got some violinists to play with us and now we're going to sound awesome no matter what.

I wrote and am directing the Christmas Eve Sunday school program. We are in the thick of it (prayers appreciated). This Sunday is an important one as far practice is concerned. Can the 3rd and 4th grade pull off the Old Testament monologues? Can we get a believeable  9 year old Jonah? Can the 5th/6th graders make that starry sky backdrop that really makes the second act shine (see what I did there?)? Can the first and second graders be the Holy family, shepherds, angels and innkeeper without fidgeting with their head scarves or garland halos? Let's hope so.

Tonight my oldest boy has his band and choir concert. On Sunday all three boys have their school Christmas Program. They desperately need haircuts.

Jon's parents left our house on Wednesday morning, my parents came into town yesterday afternoon. They brought their dog. The boys are thrilled. So, yes, we've got some things locked down and other things are still running wild in the hills and we've got to wrangle them. Like a Christmas tree, like presents, like a meal for Christmas day, like snacks and Christmas cookies, and ya know, all the stuff that goes with the season. For now, I'm gonna have that second cup of coffee and make sure the kids get to school on time. Happy Friday.