That garden hose I use in the front yard has a hole it. It makes it look like I'm watering the garden and have a fountain-y water feature spouting up from half way down the hose. Depending on how it snakes through the grass and the plants it can look like I meant to do that or it can simply look like a busted hose. 

For Father's Day we bought Jon a second grape vine. Since I was at a cool garden shop I purchased a couple of hostas and a Russian sage as well. We presented Jon with the grape, we went over to the gas station for Father's Day ice cream before I had to load the car to go play a show in Lincoln.  At the gas station we found out that, in honor of someone's birthday, they were giving out free cookies and ice cream. Winning.

Jon's in New York City. I'm here with the boys. I have goals that are making me cower, I have things that I'm leaving undone. I made the coffee and now I just have to walk the 5 steps to get it, but sometimes that feels real hard. 

We planted the grape, the hostas and the sage before Jon had to go. I got up this morning and watered them all determined to keep them alive while I hold down the fort. The drippy hoses aren't perfect, but they got the job done. And so will I. 

Things I'm thinking about: life, Jesus, death, housework, the ever-elusive album, new songs, paying off the credit card, wishing I could lose weight if I weren't so lazy, my bad hair, swimming, hollyhocks, mosquito repellent, Hamilton The Musical. My next post will probably be about Hamilton The Musical.