Tomorrow we drive to the lake to spend time with Jon's parents and visit some college friends on the way back home. After having been all over the place in the past three weeks, I will be glad to spend one week with all five of us together in the same place.

Last Sunday while Jon was at cub scout camp with our younger two boys I got an invitation from a fellow artist by the name of Darryl Purpose to go sing with him down in Texas for a weekend of shows. It came out of the blue.

Darryl and I met at Folk Alliance in Kansas City this past February. We were on a shuttle bus together on our way to sing some songs at the Children's Hospital along with 10 other songwriters. 

We became Facebook friends and met up again in person about a month later when I opened for him at a show here in Nebraska. My brother had just died and I needed that evening of music badly. I needed it for healing and for a chance to take a break from the sadness. If you were at that show you'll know it was a room filled with magic and joy that evening and I'll always remember it as being a really special show. Darryl and I sang together and I gave him my CD.

Now we get to try out our magic down in Texas and I am so happy at the prospect of making music together. I am so thrilled that I was invited. It was another example of never really knowing what's going to happen next and receiving with gratitude the blessings that come our way. 

So I'll go to Indiana and then come home, do some laundry, work at the restaurant for a couple days then meet up with Darryl down in Texas. I can't wait.

It's raining today. We're doing laundry, chores, and watching the rain fall after some hot and dry weather. Tonight I'll go over to Seward and play my songs to the friends I always meet at the Red Path. It makes me smile just thinking about it. The neighbor boy will take care of the pets and the plants and we'll take care of the swimming and boating and fishing. So far, this summer is pretty awesome.