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Midweek moment

All three boys walked out the door this morning with dress pants, dress shirts, combed hair and the oldest even had a tie on! They looked great and I didn't take a picture. I never really take pictures.

It's Wednesday of Lutheran Schools Week and it was chapel this morning and I think they'll do a balloon release afterward and I'm still here in my pajamas making thank you cards for the next CD shipment that really needs to go out today.

I'm chatting with an Iowa friend, I'm getting emails from St. Louis and real letters from my mailbox from Minnesota and I'm reminded of how many hands and words it can take to keep us all standing at any one moment. In a world where we've been told how independent we all are and how autonomous our walks can be, I'm feeling the exact opposite. I'm feeling like the only way I can be me is with the friendship and love and encouragement of my friends and family. Does that sound healthy or unhealthy? Maybe it's both. But maybe it's just me wanting to be reminded that I'm part of a bigger thing than just my own heart beating and my breath breathing. We are not just lone hearts and lone breaths, we are lungs and blood that our neighbors need just as much as we do.

I hope my words and arms keep others standing just as much as those precious arms and words of friends near and far keep me going. I hope someone on this Wednesday reminds you of the part they need you to play so that this big body keeps going.

For my part, I'm thankful for the eyes that read this and the time you give. I'm thankful for this midweek moment that doesn't look like much, but it's an act of heart and breath brought to you this morning by one woman giving thanks for the children of God passing along grace and peace to a woman like me.

Have a good one because I sure am.