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Take down your flag

There's a singer/songwriter I met in the crowded halls of a Kansas City hotel during Folk Alliance. I heard Peter Mulvey sing a couple songs at 2am one night and I heard he had great coffee brewing in his room. Coffee is real important at something like Folk Alliance.

Then on Friday I heard he had written a song regarding the Charleston shootings and sang it during his set that night. Since then, he asked his songwriter friends to write a verse 2 dedicated to each of the nine souls lost at Bible Study that Wednesday evening. Now there are many different verse 2s floating around the interweb and more are coming.

This morning Peter invited anyone who would like to write a verse 2 to do so. I did so. I never write political songs. But I felt called to write something. Here's my version. I would encourage you to look for more of them out there. Or write one yourself. Peace.