Jake the bassist and I met on Sunday afternoon when we rehearsed at Emily's house the group of seven songs we were going to record together in the studio. Jake is very good at his job and, after the rehearsal, Emily and I smiled and high-fived.

Last night we met up again, this time at Bruce's studio to start recording. 

Some artists love the recording process and I find that I am not one of those artists. I will openly admit that, no matter how much I try and self-talk my way into being normal in a studio setting, all the insecurities of being a phony no-good faker come rushing in the minute they set up the microphones. I wish I could say last night was different, but it wasn't.  

I will also say, that despite my inability to calm the hell down, we did get all our work done in that first session and that feels really good. 

I've never spent more than two days in a studio for any project I've done and I'm thankful that we've got four, maybe five days to work and make the record what it should be. I like to think that the more I'm there, the Hope Dunbar of my every day will feel comfortable enough to show her face.  

And finally, Emily White is a champion. I chose her to be my team captain for this job and I'm so glad I did.  

Stay tuned for tomorrow's update. Perhaps heavenly angels will descend and tell us to our faces that this is a going to be a really good album. If so, I'll tell you all about it.