Working through the sad. Working through the bad news and trying to get to the other side. It turns out I had to write a song to try and work it out. I wrote the song and then cried through about 15 attempts to record it before being able to sing it without ugly crying from top to bottom.

There has been bad news around these parts. Bad news of many different kinds and it's getting me all at the same time. I knew I needed a song for September and it came to me this morning that putting it into song form would lend itself to healing. I think it did. I think it at least got me past despair and into the realm of hope and that's the most important thing.

This past weekend I was the music lady for a Christian Womens Retreat. It was awesome. It was a weekend that dealt with some heavy shit, but it balanced itself out with laughter and peace. It was intense and I am glad I was able to be a part of it. This weekend Emily and I go to St. Louis and I can't wait. Tomorrow we go to see Todd Snider and I can't wait. I've been wanting to see him in concert for so long.

Here's the song. It's all true. No names have been changed to protect the individuals. Peace to you.