A cabin in Iowa, snow pants, the coffee maker, the songwriting friends, a sleeping bag, guitar, a paper and a pen. Tomorrow is the songwriting retreat. We're meeting in Iowa, a nice middle point between Chicago and Nebraska, we're signing up for meals just like the nerds we are. We haven't even talked about the beer or wine just because it goes without saying.

So we didn't win the lottery last night. You probably didn't win either and that's cool. We'll  just have to keep paying off those student loans one month at a time just Iike we have been doing for the past 15 years.  

President Obama came to Omaha yesterday. I met him when he campaigned in Iowa the first time he ran for president. I met his wife at a meet and greet in Algona. Jon and I went to the Inaugural ball after he was first elected. Sheryl Crow played at the Midwest Ball, I saw John Legend walking around the senate office building just like we were. We were on the National Mall for the Inauguration Ceremony. It felt really American. Those were fun times.

I spent yesterday writing a song. I am determined to keep writing more and more. I know I've declared this many times over. I have to keep saying it/writing it just remind myself where my focus lies. Where does your focus lie? Keep reminding yourself of it.

Mozart of the Jungle is a great series. I'm sad I devoured it in a few days. I love that high culture and the symphony are the setting. I love the Maestro. I love music. The retreat is going to be so valueable.