O Christmas Triage. 'Tis the season of putting fingers in the holes of dams, stopping the bleeding on one patient then running to the woods to try and put out the fire before it reaches the house. 'Tis the season of the holiday concert, the term paper, the gift exchange, the giving tree, the Advent services, the meals before the Advent services, the rehearsals, and the Sunday School Christmas Eve program.  O Christmas Triage. I shall be glad to see you go.

And that's why there's no tree, there are no gifts, there is no sign that Christmas is on Sunday at my house. And today's the day I have to do it all. 

Maybe it was because the negative temps that kept me indoors this weekend. Maybe instead of cross-stitching, I should have been online shopping. Who knows?

If you're like me and gift giving is not a talent nor a love language, the season can be fraught with stress. If you're like me, it feels like a competition that you never got the rules to and you're five days behind everyone else standing their helpless while the rest of the teams are buzzing around you erecting tepees  made out of gingerbread and decorating cookies at break neck speed. Who knows?

Today I'm gonna try and stop the bleeding. I'm not getting out of there until the last gift is purchased and there's a tree stuffed in my mini-van. 

O Christmas Triage. Just another day in the operating room. Merry merry. Nurse, scalpel.

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