My slip is showing in that picture of me talking to those ladies this afternoon. How do I know? Because after doing my presentation, I scamper to the bathroom, pass a full length mirror and there, plain as day, is my slip having slipped below the hemline of my skirt. Come on!!

That was speaking engagement number three. I have a problem saying "No" to things. I suffer great anxiety trying to come up with something to say in front of people as a speaker. I was fearful and tearful before driving over there, but I did it. It went OK, but I told my husband, if he were able in any way, to get me to say NO to the next invitation, I would love it. I like singing in front of people. Speaking in front of people is much harder. 

Tomorrow my middle son turns eleven. We are having nachos and modest gifts. My husband naturally gravitates toward no party and one or two tiny gifts. I am not big on parties or gifts, but I did persuade him that it was not extravagant to get him one more gift and invite a couple of friends over. Nachos, gifts, friends, cake. That's our jam. Pretty soon he'll be too big for all of it and he'll be in therapy because of me. It's just a matter of time.

I came home from my speaking engagement to find three funny girls from church over at my house. One was playing the piano, the other two were giggling. One son was home, the other two were nowhere to be found. They were looking for my husband (also gone) in order to give him an old encyclopedia. They thought it was hilarious. I love small town life.

This time last week I was with my parents, brothers and their families in Oregon having the best time. This Sunday it's just me and the two little boys. Jon has meetings, Sam is working at Boy Scouts and all is pretty quiet. I miss my family. I wish we lived closer. 

My next scheme: an Oktoberfest Party.

My next job; write the Christmas program

My next dream: hit the road and go sing some songs.

Go enjoy the day. That's what I'm doing. Much love from the tall corn.

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