I think maybe my phone is getting in the way of my plans for world domination.

I think perhaps my desire to get up to the minute news and social check-ins is keeping me from realizing my utmost artistic potential. It might be that my phone is getting in the way.

And ain't nobody got time for that.

I'm on Day 2 of an 18 day challenge. I've joined Jon Acuff (the writer of this book I'm reading called, "FInish") online to work on one goal for 18 days and apply some of the principles from the book to real life. I chose "Working on radio promo and Europe tour" as my goal. See, lots of times I try to make a list of goals or prioritize my list of responsibilities, but this challenge made me choose one thing.

In the running were such things as: Exercise every day, write song commissions, work on Youth Music, prep for Christmas Eve Program, organize house, do something to prepare for Christmas OR work on music career. I chose the music career one.

Why? Because I had to choose one. But having to choose one out of a list of high priority responsibilities reminded me that perhaps I have too much on my plate. And if I'm going to have a snowball's chance in hell to accomplish any of it, then I'm gonna have to put my phone away and get to work.So here I go. The chub will have to wait. I'm sending out radio promo materials and praying I can climb those Folk DJ charts a little higher.

In other news, I went to St. Louis last weekend and played some amazing shows, saw friends, spent time in a city I loved and, oh yeah, got kinda sick and layed in bed all day one day. 

The Songbird Cafe at The Focal Point L-R: Bill Chambers, Bill Poss, Anna, Steve St Cyr, Hope, Myla, and Dale the sound guy

The Songbird Cafe at The Focal Point L-R: Bill Chambers, Bill Poss, Anna, Steve St Cyr, Hope, Myla, and Dale the sound guy

I played the Songbird Cafe with Myla Smith, Bill Poss and Australia's Bill Chambers (Kasey's dad). It was the best. I love that venue and playing that series and not only that, I looked out into the audience and saw old friends and new friends and so many familiar faces that it felt triumphant for this small town songwriter.

Bill Chambers was amazing. We're friends now. He told stories about hunting foxes on the Nullabor and I just about died from wonder and happiness.

Hey you guys, don't let your phone get in the way of your destiny. Don't let fear direct you to Facebook instead of the blank page. Give fear the finger and call up your friend or your mom or do that scary thing you've been avoiding. That's what I'm gonna try and do. 

Go be awesome like I know you are. Someone out there needs it. Love, Hope