My mom, my oldest son and I got in the car after dinner last night and drove to Lincoln to do some Christmas shopping. We saw an opening and we took it.

We crossed the things off our list, but more importantly we spent some really nice time together. My son is 12. Sometimes we get along and sometimes we don't. Yesterday started off pretty rocky, but ended well. We turned a corner when "Sweet Child of Mine" came on in the kitchen and we both started dancing together like goofs. By the time we were walking around the shops in Lincoln we were golden. I gotta remember that.

My mom and dad are here visiting with their dog from Southern California. They don't know we're having a mild winter. They think it's pretty cold. It's so great to have them here. The boys love it. I should be taking more pictures of all of us eating dinner together or watching a movie in the basement. I should've taken a picture of them at the bar with me last Thursday evening while I was playing songs. 

We've had lots of great moments. Lots of laughing, lots of trying to solve the world's problems over afternoon coffee and moving to the living room after dinner to predict the upcoming presidential election.

We've had a house full of guests for almost a full month now. We've had a family dog that we don't typically have. Mom and Dad say they are going to head out after Christmas. It's going to be a hard adjustment to make when they are gone.

The mystery: I sent a song off to a song pitcher recommended to me by a friend. The pitcher sent it on to her contact looking for love songs. This particular love song is up on my soundcloud and is getting 20 hits a day since having sent it off. Usually 20 hits that come within one hour or two hours. Is just one person out there really in love with this song? Is someone considering this song seriously for an actual project? I'm curious. It's a mystery.