It was Emily, Bruce and I in the studio. One night of upright bass, lots of playing and listening back, playing and listening back. By Friday we had completed what we set out to do and started planning and thinking about the next piece of the puzzle. The week finished off with a short opening set for Joel Mabus and then the drive back to the airport early on Sunday morning headed home.


Cory Branan played an amazing show at Schuba's, the masters were at The Art Institute, the coffee was at The Starbucks and the music was at Bruce's house.

The sun finally came out on Saturday and, after a delicious breakfast at a local diner, we took advantage of the sunny side of the street and made our way to the shore of Lake Michigan. 

Now I'm home and doing the thing. I'm listening back to the tracks we recorded and daydreaming. For those of you who've asked me about when the record will be ready, it's gonna be a while. Things that still need to be done include but are not limited to: tracking cello, mandolin, pedal steel, Kickstarter campaign, mix the record, master the record, artwork, duplication, and other stuff that I don't remember right now. If things go according to my very loose plan, I hope it'll be ready by September.

In the midst of all that, I'm itching to play some shows. I'm itching to get out there and sing for you in live human form. Pretty soon it'll be Easter, the Blue and Gold banquet, then my son's confirmation, my niece's graduation, and five thousand things that will happen this summer.  Just like always. 

And just like always we'll fit it all in and find time for band practice and gigs when we can. Last night the girls and I got together to listen to Star Belle live recordings from last month in preparation for our upcoming live album. This Saturday, Emily and I will drive out to Kearney to put the finishing touches on our Bluestem project we've been working on for almost a year. 

For today it's Bible Study at Jami's house, a few chores, a trip to the grocery, midweek Lenten service, chime choir practice, and refilling the bird feeder. Life is good. I'm thankful all the five thousand things.