I've never been to Texas except for driving through, but I hear it's a magical place. I'm obsessed with this live album of Kris Kristofferson at Austin City Limits and I could hear him say, "It feels good to be in Texas!" over and over again. I can hear the smile in his voice and I can hear that crowd yell with joy in response and I wish I were there at that moment.

I'll be there in May. I'll drive from Nebraska down to Kerrville and pitch my tent and make some friends and they'll say, "Welcome Home." I'll listen to songs and sing some songs and be thankful for the moment that is still hard to believe. 

Since last year I've been trying to say YES, show up, be open and see what happens. In Texas I'll bring my instruments, do my damndest to express my appreciation and my esteem for all those kickass songwriters all over the place and I'll try to remember every hot, sticky, Texas moment since I'm not one for pictures.

And thanks for listening to my rant. And thanks for listening to my songs and be sure that I'm still searching for that thing just out of reach and I hope you are too.

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