Last weekend I was super sick, drove to St. Louis and did a show with two beautiful souls sharing their stories and their hearts. Even though I didn't feel great physically I felt like a million bucks listening and singing and witnessing how rich an evening of music can be. It was awesome.

I got home on Sunday night after driving through stormy weather. I didn't mind because I had had two days with friends and great conversation to keep me smiling and daydreaming all the way home.

On Monday afternoon my friend, Mare, texted asking if I wanted to play the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville with her next Tuesday and I said yes. I'm off again this Sunday. I told my boss I wasn't gonna be at work next week. I told my kids I was gonna be gone (they flinched not at all).

I've seen the television, "Nashville." I've been there once before for a songwriting workshop. I have lots of friends who live in town. I wonder if Nashville needs songs in the same way the rest of us do. In a place where songs are a dime a dozen, can I do any good? I play gigs in small towns and tell stories and share thoughts that, I think, help people. Sometimes. I wonder if there are still people who need those songs even in a place where songs are everywhere. 

I'm gonna find out. I bought jeans yesterday so that I have something to wear. I'm pretty much a tourist who gets to sing a couple of songs and take a picture of herself in a world famous venue. I could use the drive. I could use the quiet. I could use a chance to write with a friend of mine. If I get to see Deacon Clayborne in real life, well, then that's just gravy. I better practice. 


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