I had a dream last night where I was in New York City staying at this fancy pants apartment as a guest/nanny? or something? And I was asked by my employer if I could stay until they went to Hawaii which was longer than I had intended. In my dream I knew I had to be at work on Monday and that my boss was short-staffed anyway and basically the whole dream was being stressed out about what to do and where to go.

In the day time there was no New York City and no two job fiasco. In the day time the rain falls softly onto green green earth in a way that seems too gentle for Nebraska. The boys crack me up with their jokes and their antics. Yesterday we went on a hunt orchestrated by the eight year old to find his lost tooth he had hidden in the garden in a sandwich bag.  And then he woke up this morning a little teary eyed because the Tooth Fairy didn't come. I'm such a jerk.

Today I waited tables. One guy came in with a terribly injured thumb. I asked him about it. He said he smashed it with a hammer at the construction site where he's working and to relieve the pressure he took a drill bit and drilled through the thumb nail and then he paid for his nachos and went back to work. I can't even. I cannot.

And that brings us to the right now. Right now I need to go and get stuff to make stuff for the sports banquet potluck in three hours. Right now I am in sweat pants reclining on my couch. I predict that it will be 4pm before I actually get up and do my jobs.  Perhaps tonight I will dream of remembering to get that dollar under the pillow and doing things ahead of time.