This is the video I released on the second to last day of my Kickstarter campaign. It went over pretty well so I'm posting it here for your enjoyment (and mine).


It has been an interesting, inspiring, terrifying and humbling road so far. I imagine it will feel like that for some time and in varying degrees. Like so many things, when trying to advance or grow, the learning curve feels insurmountable and frustrating until you step foot upon that stone that looked so far off for so long. THEN you start all over again until you make it to the next level. That's good work, but it's hard work. I'd rather be writing songs.

But I was told that there's this hat labeled "business" that I need to put on in order to help the girl who typically wears the hat labeled "songwriter." It's true. It's totally true. So I'm trying to do it, but it's real hard for me. Here's what I tell myself as motivation:

"Hey dummy, look around you. People have been bending over backwards to try and make this album a reality. The least you can do is write some scary emails and do your share. Come on."

You probably already know I'm not great at being nice to myself in my self-talk, but I'm trying. 

So we press on. We do what's next. Even when things don't work out the way we want them to, we brush ourselves off, go back to our vision boards and we do what's next. Because getting comfortable standing in one place is never a good idea. There's always a new rock that needs looking under. There's always a book you haven't read yet, a road you haven't driven, and seeds you haven't sewn. Don't let the scary keep you from moving. Remember, motion begets motion. One move is all you need to find something you didn't even know was there.

Happy hunting. Do what's next.