I can't find the woodshed. I keep getting turned around and distracted. It was here, I swear, it hasn't been that long. And I got a list a mile long of things I must do. I got songs I have to write, I'm way behind on the truth, but I can't find the woodshed and I'm afraid of my guitar. I'm afraid of mistakes and not knowing what they are.

So today I cracked the notebook, I got a pick and a tune. I wrote some crap in hopes of finding a way  that I could get through. Because I know I've got work, I know it's still there, but I can't find the woodshed and I feel too exposed, I'm feeling too bare.

So if you read this, I'm trying. I'm trying to find my way back, but I can't find the woodshed and and I can't find the track that I took on the way the last time I went. I'm trying to find the woodshed, but this is as close as I can get.