This is my "what are you waiting for?" face from a long time ago.

This is my "what are you waiting for?" face from a long time ago.

First. Tom Petty is amazing. I'm watching The Heartbreakers documentary again and am amazed at his artistry and honesty and integrity. The guy knows how important the songs are. He's real good at his job.

It is up for debate if I'm any good at my job. I've got lots on my plate right now and I'm having a hard time figuring out where to begin and how to get from here to there. Organization and time management don't come naturally to me so this makes a long list to do even harder. Do I need a life coach? A vision board? Perhaps commit an offense that gets me a lifetime ban from Netflix? Maybe all three of those things.

Over here at my house we've just celebrated Easter after a busy Lenten season. Over here at my house I've got a son getting confirmed in a few weeks and the kids will break for the summer. I've got family stuff that includes sending out invitations and hosting out of town guest and, in the midst of it all, I've got to give my time to a record project that can't lose momentum. It's during these times that an office away from the house would be really cool to have so that I could clock in, do some music work, clock out and then fold the laundry. I've got one of those brains that sees the guitar sitting in the corner and remembers I have a half finished chorus that I'd love to get right and, oh look, since I've got the time I should probably vacuum the stairs and did I send off that thank you note I was meaning to write? I should write that thank you note.

That's my brain. So prayers for direction are appreciated.

What's the good news? The good news is that my list is filled with all new and exciting projects and possibilities. "Dig a latrine." is not on the list at all. Neither is "Make your own kombucha." So it's surprising that somewhere deep in my brain, there's something that's scared of the good stuff just like there's something afraid of the bad. Why is that?

The good stuff is still unknown stuff. People love things that are the same. They love the comfort of the predictable and the known- even if that known reality kinda sucks or isn't what they really want in life. If we lived according to a new script then how would we know what our lines are going to be? Even if the story gets good there's something about the not knowing that makes me put things off until later.

How about we just agree not to do put things off any longer, ok? How about we know that a yes or a no won't be the end of us? The prospect of moving a little further down the road is scary, but that's the only way to find something we haven't seen before. So let's agree that we're all going to get a life coach, make a vision board, get a lifetime ban from Netflix and stop hovering around the edge of the dance floor. Even if we don't know this song, let's get out there and bust a move. Peace.