I see the Bluestem grass grow six feet high beside goldenrod and sumac red wine red. I see little boys catching bugs, looking for  bird through binoculars and then going back to the nature center to draw pictures of the animals, insects and plants.

I see two lawn chairs left out on the lawn in the backyard as evidence of the lazy Sunday afternoon in the wind and the sun and the beers in hand taking in the pieces of this life: boys, jobs, time, God, the dust kicked up by the harvest and the semis and tractors and combines, the family we're missing, the trips we wish we were taking, the gifts we've been given.

I see friends from all over thanks to a little thing called FACEBOOK. I see friends healing from injuries but still cracking jokes, I see a musician gone silent for six weeks, I see a friend settle in to a home that's all hers along with her little girl, I see musicians on tour all over the world and part of me wishes I were there.

I see a church full of families and friends and people from out of town to see a little tiny baby get baptized. I see my husband hold that little tiny baby in his arms while he touches her head with water. He gets to hold way more babies than I do.

I see the blessings. I see the good. Sometimes I don't see it. Today I do.