This is me in the sweater and the t-shirt, the sweatpants and the slippers in the green chair. This is me across from the Christmas tree with the lights dimmed, this and that are on the floor, the coats on top of backpacks piled behind a chair. The guitar case slid beside the sofa, music stand taken from the bedroom, put up in the living room next to the Christmas tree, the music up and highlighted. The trumpet in the case. 

This is me typing while the dad and the son assemble some things he needs for an overnight. I hear my mom making supper in the kitchen asking my middle son his order for how he likes his grilled cheese. I hear my dad talking on the phone downstairs. And then the phone rings. 

This is me back on the green chair after taking the phone call. Today was a very busy day. I wonder if there will be a lull in the action before Christmas eve. Part of me thinks there won't be.

The sun goes down early now. As I was leaving church this afternoon I was surprised at how still it was and how warm it was for a December day in Nebraska. I should've gone on a walk. Instead I came home and put them cozy clothes on.

Christmas break has been lovely so far. We've played board games, gone shopping, played some three on three basketball at the gym, we've decorated a ginger bread house. The boys got out early on Friday. We practiced for our Sunday School Christmas Program today. We eat pizza in the fellowship hall, put on the Bible character costumes, turn the microphones on, and start using the cue cards. It's that time of year again. This is me taking it all in.