You may already know that a water main broke last Thursday afternoon leaving us without water until around Friday at noon time. They had to cancel school on Friday due to lack of water. I showered at St. Paul's locker room and drove to Denver while Jon stayed home with the boys and enjoyed the outdoors and Rummy Royal. 

I drove west like you do and did a fist pump when the Rockies came into view. I rocked out to a new mix CD sent to me by my friend. "Ship to Wreck" by Florence and the Machine is a great song. 

I took a walk down S. Broadway when I got near the venue. I looked into beautiful antique shops that looked like magazine spreads and were out of my price range. And then I found an 80s store. All 80s stuff. Amazing. I bought a few things and talked to the owner about how one opens an 80s shop and where the idea comes from. So interesting. 

I sound checked and then ran over to The Copper Pot where I met up with Song School friends, Dale, Jim, B.J., and Ken. I had a quick beer and we talked grand babies, and education philosophies and house concert stages and hot tubs.  

I sang an opening set for Tom Paxton and it was incredible aka hard to believe. The audience was amazing from the very first song. For some reason, they understood exactly what I was saying and I was singing to them what they needed to hear. That's pretty much the best feeling possible for an artist. We were connecting. Everything clicked and I am forever thankful for such a night.  

I sat next to my friend Ken during Tom Paxton's set and smiled listening to the audience sing along to his songs. It was so beautiful. Mollie O'Brien and Rich Moore shared the stage with him and it was a great evening of legendary music. 

After the show I met up with my cousin and her husband who I hadn't seen since their wedding, I met up with my friend Ruby who I met through her brother and sister in law who are dear friends of mine in Iowa, I met up with my old Milwaukee roommate, more Song Schooler and even a few people who had seen Star Belle play the Uke Fest a few years back. 

I didn't get a chance to talk to Tom, but just before leaving, my friend Reggie from Song School took a picture of the two of us. His advice to me was to work really hard. He said having a family would make it harder, but that I needed to work real hard. I spent the drive home thinking about that. Did he mean more gigs? Did he mean better songs? Did he mean all of it?  

I'm going to try. I'm going to try really hard. If you see him, tell him I heard the advice and I'm going to do it. 

Swallow Hill opening set for Tom Paxton 3/4/16

We want

She keeps Going


Change is Good


Doc, I don't think these pills are working

Mother/Daughter song

Forever for you