Maybe it's a bad day because I never drink hot chocolate and when I do I don't put marshmallows in it because I think marshmallows are gross. Maybe it's bad day because the fruit flies are on a rampage and whenever I try to engage them in battle I seem to lose. The bananas are getting it worse than me. For the bananas, the bad days are yellow brown and bruised.

The sky is clouded over. The lawn mowers are humming. Neighbors trying to cut that grass before the rain. I ditched out on my Book group because I just don't have it in me. Bad days call for hiding out until there comes a better day.

Maybe it's a bad day because I'm not as tough as I was hoping and I'm not nice enough to treat every moment with a smile. Maybe it's a bad day because bad days are the new normal and getting up to speed with the bad news means looking down that dirt road that just goes on for miles.

And the rhyming seems appropriate. And the pajamas just feel right. And the second cup of coffee might help me out. And the quiet is a blessing and the day comes after night and if good days point to faith and hope, then bad days point to doubt.