By my own admission I remember the bad stuff easier than I remember the good stuff. Once, in a songwriting class, the instructor told me the first couple lines of my song were the best opening lines he'd heard in a long time. Then another person in the class, after listening to the song told me she didn't believe me. In my memory (even now), I skip over the complement and fixate on the criticism. That's how my brain works.

I am determined not to do that about yesterday. It was lots of good stuff. Here is a short list:

1. The most beautiful weather possible for a March day in Nebraska and we spent it in the backyard drinking beer and talking about everything. It was so great. 

2. A lunchtime talk lead by Darrell Scott about the creative life. Remembering what that looks like and how the creative life isn't always about work that you check off from a list.

3. You may know that Darrell Scott is my musical hero and has been for a long time. He is also my friend. I got to open for him last night at a sold out show at The Listening Room in Hastings, NE. 

4. He liked my set. He said the only problem with it was that it needed to be three times longer. He knows I've been working at this. He heard me and, from his stand point, my work is paying off. That's huge. Bigger than a boulder. Much bigger.

5. Together with Tim, Megan, Lisa, Jessica, Emily, Paul, Andy and Jill we got to sit back and watch Darrell do his thing. He's been off the road for over a year. Last night was his first night back.  It was magic. He played a brand new custom hollow body electric guitar that was so beautiful and we were there to take it all in. It was unforgettable.

6. The whole day was pretty great. I had a few people approach me about house concerts, people bought my CD (that is almost gone),  and, in the midst of it, I got a text from my friend asking if I could play the Bluebird with her in May. Yeah, I think I can do that.

I hope someone took a picture. It was a day worth remembering.