2015 was a real barn burner. Like most years I was busy leading Sunday School opening, working as the den leader for cub scouts, waiting tables at Chez Bubba (exit 373 on I-80), helping with Parents Association stuff (shoulda seen the Luau starfish I made) at my kids school, bringing treats for potluck/school party/picnic/whatever and then forget until the very last minute and either 1) show up empty handed admitting defeat or 2) find a baked good ASAP. I wrote and directed the Sunday school Christmas program. I was really proud of it.


But along with those things, in 2015 I also recorded an album entitled, "The End of Wanting." I drove to Lincoln 2 nights in a row after getting off work and put down 7 songs. I've never made an album in more than 2 days. I don't know what I'd do if I had three days. I asked for crowd funding to help cover CD costs and was so amazed at the support I got.

I went to Folk Alliance International for the first time. I saw lots of friends, made news ones and sat 5 feet away from The Milk Carton Kids in a hotel room and listened to them play, "Michigan."

I went to New York City and visited my friends, the Hollmanns and my friend Jagoda. That was back when I really thought I might make a record. Like a real one. I still want to make a record, but Hopie has to find a pile of money first.

Emily and I went on our first tour. We went from Algona, IA to Algoma, WI. It was awesome. We got put up in a sweet condo along the shore of Lake Michigan (?) and met up with our friends Emily and Katie in Sheboygan. Did you know it's the only place that boasts lake surfing?

In May I drove to Kerrville, Texas and competed in the Kerrville New Folk contest. I kinda still can't believe that I was there and that I was a part of that group. It's still sinking in.

I drove home and did laundry and then went to Spain for ten days with 6 high school students and two adults. We'd been working and fundraising and meeting weekly for two years straight. It was the best trip ever! I had so much fun and I couldn't be prouder of our group. I feel so blessed to have been able to share that experience with such outstanding humans.

Then I came home, did laundry and went to Germany with my husband and three boys. It was the best. We have such good memories and we saw so many old friends. I wish we could spend every summer just like that. 

In August I went to Song School and Folks Fest. I love that place.

I took the cub scouts on this awesome field trip to Spring Creek Prairie where an Audobon guide mesmerized the boys with his knowledge of the nature. I was also mesmerized. Our friends, the Eggolds, joined us for our annual Thanksgiving retreat weekend. We got up to Camp just before the ice storm hit. The heat finally kicked on late Friday. The space heaters, the fire place and friendship kept us all warm.

My parents came for the Christmas holiday. They drove from California to come and brave the Nebraska winter. Their dog came too. We made cookies, pie, a gingerbread house, we went on shopping trips to Lincoln, took them to high school basketball games, school Christmas programs ( Like three of them), played games and had fun. WE were sad to see them go.

I guess I'm kinda sad to see 2015 go. It was a very good year. 2016 is going to be great too. Nothing stays in the same place. We can't either. I'm going to write lots and lots of songs. I'm going to freak everyone out. I think my friends will understand when I say, "I'm not saving anything for the rest of you." Peace and thanks for reading.